Barsana Monastery
(Barsana/Maramures), Transylvania
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When UNESCO designated parts of the Maramures Region in Northern Transylvania a WORLD HERITAGE site, it was aimed at protecting the stylized wooden architecture and its dramatic vernacular. Of particular appeal are the tall spires of orthodox churches that dot the area. One of these is the recently constructed Barsana Monastery complex - actually a convent with sixteen nuns. Created in post-Communist years on the site of a church abandoned in 1790, the complex has become a significant cultural and religious attraction. Its 56 meter-tall (180 feet) spired church is reputedly the tallest wooden structure in Europe.

The expressive detail carved into architectural forms by Maramures crafstmen is a reason to visit and stay at Barsana. No power tools or nails were used in the large wooden structures. Its north-Transylvania location puts it close to the Ukrainian border in a hilly forested landscape. Enjoy the lodgings provided, attend a service and journey into nearby villages. Special shops with hand-made traditional clothes, painted icons, and weavings by the nuns. The last week of June is St Peter’s which attracts huge crowds of pilgrims. See more photos:

Whether driving from the larger cities of Baia Mare (1 hour away) or Timisoara (3-4 hours) or Cluj-Napoca (2-3 hours), you’ll enjoy well-traveled scenic roads. Located on County Road #186.

Opened in 2006. The check-in is informal..

Monumental wooden structure in which rooms are very clean with private bathrooms but austere in style (double rooms with single beds).

Simple, good fare available. No meat served on fasting days.

Barsana Monastery: website

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