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One thousand seven hundred miles from this great river's source in Germany, the Danube Delta is one of Europe's last great birdlife refuges and a fisherman's paradise. Though damaged by misguided communist era water diversions, the Delta is being restored to its original self. Traditional village life still thrives as does the commercial fishing of sturgeon and its vaunted caviar.

The Delta Nature Resort is Romania's first luxury resort sited along the shores of lake Somova within the Danube's delta. The British financed resort, opened in 2005, has generated a buzz in the elite western travel press. It now is listed on
Vogue's Top 100 list of destinations. The calm location in the heart of Romanian wine country and the bird and fish rich Delta allows visitors to endulge in the nature reserve and it still traditional fishermen's lifestyle.

Located 20 km from the river town of Tulcea, the Delta Resort is easily accessible by car from Bucharest (about 300 km with a new four-lane highway for most of the distance) by arrangement with the resort or by plane from Bucharest.

This is a 'high-end' resort with all the expected luxuries and service. Cultural, wildlife or sport fishing tours are arranged by the resort.

Lodging is in one of thirty separate bungalows adjacent to a large, elegant main building and swimming pool. The main building offers a comfortable library, bar and restaurant.

Local produce, fish and meats and a well stocked wine list await the visitor. A special treat is the Beluga caviar from sturgeon caught at the mouth of the Danube Delta where it flows into the Black Sea.

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