The Inn on Balaban is owned by the Dimancescu-Bastea family through its company BtF-Bran, srl (Bran Commune, Brasov County). Sales are managed by BEH, llc (USA)

Its origins tracing back 450 years to the mountainous Rucar region, 40 miles south of Bran in Wallachia. The Bastea family's forest and land-holdings were expropriated by the Communist Government in the 1950s and its main house (see photo) in the village of Rucar was burnt. Some of these properties have since been restituted. (family history)

Exiled in 1947 by the communist coup, Dimitri Dimancescu, a Romanian diplomat from 1922-1947 cv, settled first in Morocco before moving in 1956 to the United States. His son, Dan returned during the 1990s and in 2003 purchased land to build the Inn on Balaban. Though a resident of the United States and Honorary Consul of Romania in Boston cv, he and his wife, Katherine, are regularly in Romania.

A resident tracing many generations back in Bran, Mr. Moja is a pension-owner as well as President of the Pro Bran Association, a civic group promoting responsible growth of the Bran Commune. He is knowledgeable in local cultural traditions including knowing the best local produce, cheeses, and crafts, and edits the recently founded monthly Pro Bran Newspaper.


Photos © Dan Dimancescu

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