Special guest services can be provided with advanced notice. These are arranged by agreement that a 10% fee would be added to invoiced services from vendors (plus all relevant VAT taxes).

These services are provided with an undersdanding that the each vendor is held directly responsible for any liabilities that may arise from his service - and not the Inn on Balaban.

We also provide airport Pick-Up service from Bucharest and Sibiu upon request at costs charged to the Inn by independent providers. Occasionally we are in position to pick up groups of 3-4 individuals with a charge added to their bill.

Helicopter Rides
4WD Backroading
Hunting excursions
Pitfire Roasts
Sleigh Rides
Trekking w. guides
Special projects:
- caving
- mountain climbing
Visits to skilled-craft workshops
Cultural site visits
Photo top © Stefanie Moser; Photos below © Dan Dimancescu