BRAN CASTLE Bran / Törzburg

First built by Teutonic Knights in 1377 to protect Kronstadt (Brasov) from Ottoman attacks, it became a key guard post at the Carpathian Mountain pass for the Austro-Hungarian Empire's hold on Transylvania.

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The Castle is one of the most popular visitor sites in Romania both for Romanians and foreigners.

Gifted to
Queen Marie of Romania by local citizens after Transylvania became a Romanian province in the early 1920s, she restored it into its present state. For Queen Marie's and other stories on the Castle see:

The Castle was confiscated by the Communist government in 1948 and in 1950 the castle became a national monument to which was added a museum of restored village buildings. In May 2006, the castle was restituted to
Archduke Dominic von Habsburg, the heir of Princess Ileana last royal owner of the castle.

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Top Lft: Castle views and interior details

Mid Rt: Queen Marie at the castle in the 1930s. Grand-daughter of Queen Victoria (England) and niece of Tzar Alexander, she brought Romanian culture to world attention.

Mid Lft: Private concert for Dan Dimancescu in 2003 and for family guests (authorized by Ministry of Culture) with medieval-music Brasov choir in courtyard; and Rt: guests

Bttm Lft: Old print (1700s) of castle then known as Tortzbuger Schloss