Mountain Road at Twilight

does it waste or wear?
- the mountain road
it just slowly changes

carts of hay used to be the only ones to shape
this road, over remnants of Roman via strata
where the old layers of stone
built by that world's toughest soldiers
had not been torn by rough Carpathian seasons
in almost two thousand years

until a while ago
it was only carts of hay and lumber
that use to make the mountain road smooth

now it is also tires of four-wheel drive cars
-you can see
their imprints

timeless wooden fences reel out into the distance
starting from somewhere
in ourselves

and then back into our flesh
they cast their soft shadows

inthe long beats
of a summer twilight

By Ioana Ieronim
from "Tempo Rubato - The Time of Poetry"
Vinea Press, Bucharest/NY, 2009
Poet Ioana Ieronim with historian Ernest Latham and Inn owner Dan Dimancescu